Mission Statement
We offer top quality bred dogs with a unique family quality of being hand-raised and home-raised from breeding to age of adoption. We raise our puppies as if they were a member of our family, to become a member of your family.

The 'N2-H2O Way!'
All of our dogs are home-raised and hand-picked as pets first. Then we consider the option of them being bred. Our love for dogs has been our passion since our Grandfather got in trouble for bringing many neighborhood dogs to school with him as a child. Now, as a breeder, I am able to work with all types of dogs and continually learn about their personalities, traits, Information, which enhances my breeding services for quality attributes and personalities of the dogs that will be lifetime companions, members of your family and truly be mans best friend.

Every puppy is cared for as we would for our own pets. They are routinely given attention to raise them as part of a 'human family' so their transition to your home is less stressful to both you and your new puppy.

Our Philosophy
We believe every animal owner can learn to be a good dog host. We have adopted the philosophy of treat our animals, as we would desire to be treated.